What is Immortal Pictures?

An Ambitious Vision

Immortal Pictures is a production company based in Sweden and the U.S. that was formulated to provide original television shows to networks. The production company is producing independent projects featuring Scandinavian and American talent.

Our goal is to create fully visualized stories that will appeal to and fill the screens with A-list stars, strong performances, to entertain our audiences, and generate substantial profits for our investors.

The Company

Immortal Pictures AB was founded in 2013 by Maziar Shahi and Fredrik Hansson. Immortal Pictures AB is a company with a clear focus on television and film development and production.

However, in 2015 Immortal Pictures also introduced a subsidiary, Isle 3, through which virtually every project that doesn’t immediately relate to Immortal Pictures main objectives will be managed. These include projects within advertising, digital signage and concept development.

Immortal Inc. is the Immortal Pictures offshoot registred in L.A. Both Isle 3 and Immortal Inc. will remain closely affiliated with Immortal Pictures AB.

Investment Opportunities

Immortal Pictures works mainly with big and ambitious projects. This also means investment opportunities are abound. Ask us about these opportunities and we’ll have the answers (and the numbers) ready.

Prospective Partnerships

Immortal Pictures are always on the lookout for potential partners.

Mutual Growth

  • Exposure on global markets

  • Network connections

  • Establishment of formats

  • Distribution to new regions

  • Tax-incentives

  • Risk minimization
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