Project Description


Summary: The Second Coming of Jesus happens. It happens to a large extent in the way it is described in the Bible. Christians/Catholics/religious and spiritual people across the world celebrate. Scientific, academic and atheist communities break down as everything they’ve ever thought and worked towards shatters in an instant with the revelation that what was written in the Bible just so happens to have been completely true all along.

However, during a worldwide live broadcast interview with Jesus, the so-called messiah finally discloses everything. JESUS is an avatar. God is in control. God’s name is NINE, and Nine is a computer game developer and designer. S/he explains “imagine, with the continued accumulated rate of constant improvement of computer game graphics and interactivity, VR and AR, as it stands today, what a casual life simulation game might look like with fourteen billion years of development. My magnum opus is the extensive simulation game otherwise referred to as the universe.”

Premise/Theme: Upheaval, revelation, simulated reality

Genre: High-Concept Mystery, Drama & Science Fiction Miniseries

Status: Project summary/story synopsis.

Project Details

Tags: TV Drama

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